31 October 2005


lunch break blog

I'm eating some lunch (1/4 of a sandwich and a few pieces of candy corn--it's Halloween!) and remembering it's been too long since I posted.
things have been busy.
after my first full week at work, Hiro and I went on a retreat up at Fort Worden. it was a lot of fun, but we didn't get a lot of sleep, what with three fire alarms on Saturday night. came back with a cold, and needed to take off work.
so there's an advantage to working on a contract already. yes, you're not paid for hours you don't work, but at the same time, when there is also freelance income coming in, it's not as painful.
speaking of which, when a freelance check came in, I bought our plane tickets for our trip to Connecticut at Thanksgiving. so full six days of full-on familiness. Hiro's pretty anxious about it, but then again, so am I. of course, being with our new nephew will be fun, as well as the trips to NYC again. something about my grandfather's looming 96th birthday party, and the possibility of meeting many many relatives again is probably best discussed in another blog...
work just now is fairly tedious. alignment. to explain: say you have older translated files. you want to incorporate the translation into a database so, when translating newer version of the files, you won't have to do everything from scratch. so we align the translated files against the original Japanese files by matching up, line by line, which sentence in English corresponds with which sentence in Japanese. takes a lot of time. and there's 1400 files... yow.
and there are now four of us contractors working in the one office. the others are worried about it getting hot in here, but the surgery still has my body temperature a little cooler than normal, so if anything, I want it to be warmer.
last week was a lot of rain, so I wimped out and drove. not good. this morning I decided to bike it anyway. out came my old blue raincoat and my (hopefully) waterproof pants. it was good to be on the bike again.
and now, the Monday staff meeting...

you're biking to work? isn't nintendo down by the old encompass building? that's a bitch of ride dude... traffic + hills - hoorah. enjoying the northrup climb or, worse, going via 70th? i've was riding to work... mostly switched to walking though - takes an 1.5 hours but it's a lot less miserable :)
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