18 November 2005


blue pencils!

I have to say, and I wasn't expecting this to be the case, but I kinda enjoy not translating at work these days.

in part, this is because some of the translation work being done is so secret that the translators assigned to that have no Internet connection. although the word is that they will finally get additional PCs to allow them to have a connection on one device and none on the translation device.

my assignments, though, have been very much on the edit side. and, for fun's sake, not just does the translation match the original editing, but is the translation sensical English.

the biggest challenge can come when dealing with UI terminology, because some of the software in the developers' kit that we work on seems to have been translated internally by either non-native speakers of English, or else non-translators. very literal. like the fact that there is an 'Option' menu. regardless of the fact that said menu does indeed have several options. and unfortunately, I can't really change the UI in the assignments I get, although I am allowed to compile feedback on it.

the cool thing about the work I get is the chance to go in and work with different tools. page layout software. Photoshop for preparing screenshots. HTML editors.
and looking at a sentence and saying, no, that doesn;t work, and having the chance to say what will... being an editor is a power trip! love it! (grin)

the people I report to are a little bummed that I will be away all next week. it's nice to be missed. but they are hinting that there is a big project waiting for me upon my return. I'm burning with curiosity, but no hints are forthcoming.

other good things:

so now I need to complain about the theatre experience last night. it wasn't bad enough that the film actually melted and broke in the middle. complete with that sort of brown melting film projection on the screen.
what really bothered me was this obnoxious young girl a few rows back from us who not only talked through the movie, but as we watched the credits, told her friends how gay she thought everything was. clearly, the term was perjorative.

if that wasn't slappable enough, when she noted a Japanese name in the credits, she let out with an overly exasperated sigh and asks why there always has to be a Japanese person working on films these days.

I believe the line from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, came to mind: what a rude bitch!

yes, gentle readers, I refrained from hitting her...

I am glad our experience with the movie bears will be much more convivial tonight!

dead blog #2? :)

PIZZA! See you tonight.
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